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O M G I didn’t even tag them how did this happen ilyyyy NN

O M G I didn’t even tag them how did this happen ilyyyy NN

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Anónimo: listen to the song unfucktheworld by angel olsen... you remind me of her! let me know how you like it

wowow all these wonderful messages! i just listened, thank you! she’s beautiful and so is her music, i’m flattered for the comparison. <3 

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Anónimo: 10. 11.

10. How do you spend your free time? 
I count free time as any time I don’t have to go to class/do homework/eat/exercise so hmmm
spending time with niko or my roommates, smoking, playing or listening to music, surfing the web, arting, and now that it is nice hopefully exploring a lot more and hiking! :) 

11. Describe the way you dress in one sentence. 
comfy hobo chic stoner grandma  




this needs to be a part of our matching collection 



this needs to be a part of our matching collection 

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Anónimo: 13, 23, 33??

13. What is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you?
"I wish I could kill you, but then I’d have no one left." 

23. What is art? 
art is what you make it. art is everything. 

33. Could you love someone you found ugly?
i don’t think anyone is ugly usually, but i feel like as i get to know people and love them i naturally find them more and more attractive. 

:* thanks! 

Anónimo: 5,7,8

5. Greatest flaw? 
Probably that I am a slowpoke haha. I also take on a lot of stuff at once and get overwhelmed easily, but I am learning to deal. 

7. What are you really, really good at? 
Studying probably, haha. Time management in general. I’d like to think friendships too. Making people feel loved and appreciated and welcome. 

8. What is something you’re bad at, but love? 
uh music, dancing, running 

ty <3 

Anónimo: you seem really motivated, wassss yo secret girl

me?! wowza thank you! :) motivated with what? i feel the most motivated with school, and that just comes from beating it into myself over years and years haha. at this point i can’t tell if its natural or if i’m well practiced. but i truly love to learn and stuffing my brain is fun most of the time. plus my dads payin out of pocket for me to go to this school so i’m gunna try my hardest for him if not for me! 

with the gym (if you’re referring to my last post), it’s a lot harder to get motivated. i just try to remind myself that regardless of it “paying off” in terms of looks or whatever, no matter what my end result is, i am doing myself and my body a great duty. i owe it to myself to find time to practice yoga or run or bike. start embracing the subtleties of exercise rather than focusing on the big picture all the time. sure, it is important to have long term goals, but there is more to “getting fit” and i’ve slowly been realizing that. it makes me feel good, the soreness is a reminder that my body is becoming stronger, it has started to relax me. it is hard to get motivated day to day because i really am so busy, but once i start its easy to keep going. it feels good. remind yourself that there is so much more to exercise than improving your physical appearance. people who exercise live longer, happier, and healthier lives. and, it is worth mentioning, they have slammin’ bods. also it is getting so nice out! running outside is so nice. also, my roommates go to the gym, so it helps to have a friend to keep you encouraged! one more thing… and i know i sort of said this already, but seriously, don’t think too hard about what you want your body to look like after a few weeks. that has only ever discouraged me because i set my expectations so high and feel like i’ll never reach them. don’t go into it with the expectation of losing a ton of weight or getting ripped, just think about how healthy you will feel and be and the rest comes along with persistence and patience. 

WOW sorry that was so long… but I actually have been meaning to post about that, so thank you! 

Anónimo: favorite cure song?

the only cure album i’ve listened to extensively is an acoustic one my parents gave me when i was little hahah (realized later on that is not the ideal way to listen to cure songs). but based off that and what i’ve just listened to since, probably lullaby. lovesong gets me too i feel like i sing it a lot to myself haha 
thx for the Q! 

:~) c'mon!

Bodies are weird



g r i m e s



g r i m e s

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American Hustle 

American Hustle 

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Anónimo: Favorite blogs?

genuinely i think my two wonderful friends kavita and tessa have A++ blogs 
for sexy stuff the best best blogs are nymphoninjas and dirtyberd 

and s/o to my boys niko and ian cus they’re my favorites so that must qualify their blogs as such, yeah?? i’m forgetting a bunch of good ones but this is pretty representative